Be Fitness Partners after Marriage

Have you started gaining pounds after a few years of marriage, while experiencing a concomitant drop in libido? Well, you are not alone. A study published in The Obesity, a daily journal, revealed that more than 80% of couples gain up to 10 kg of weight after 5 years of married life. The study also stated that the obesity rate was much higher in the case of women, where experts suggested that hormonal changes occur after getting into a new relationship could be a leading cause, followed by post pregnancy weight gain and stress eating.

If you are thinking that only women are falling prey to obesity, think again! According to an article published by Business Insider in 2014, married men are 25% more likely to be overweight or obese, having a body mass index over 25, as compared to single men and even men in committed relationships.

The reason for obesity could be many, from low testosterone levels to an unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy food habits. However, being overweight is a leading cause of elevated cholesterol and high blood pressure levels, while increasing the risk of diabetes. Did you know that obesity could also contribute to erectile dysfunction and low libido, which can significantly affect your love life? This is what experts at Leading Male Enhancement had to say in their Tavros reviews.

On the other hand, if both partners also come together to achieve their fitness goals, things can get much easier. Motivating each other, exercising together, planning healthy meals and more could not only help you stay on track for longer but regain your physical and sexual fitness.

Achieving Fitness Goals with Your Life Partner

If joining a gym may seem like a scary idea at first, waking each other up for a walk first thing in the morning could be a simpler option. Plus, it doesn’t cost you anything, except maybe an hour of sleep. When you see your partner caring about your fitness more than you, working on common goals, it would become much more easy for you to get into shape. Once you get addicted to the company of your partner during your morning walks, extending your fitness activities gradually to a more strenuous workout would become easier.

Of course, this quality time together can also work wonders on your sex life, bringing the two of you closer together. You can give yourself an extra boost with the help of male sex enhancers, such as Tavros, the reviews for which say that it is an all-natural product that does not lead to any harmful side-effects. In fact, the ingredients, formulated to enhance the size and quality of erections, while improving libido and sexual performance, also have beneficial effects on the user’s overall health, adding to physical and mental energy.

So, work on your health goals together, motivating and challenging each other and see how it impacts your relationship in general and your sex life in particular. And if you are thinking of using enhancement pills, make sure you go through the dosage, ingredients and side effects beforehand.